Adrenal depletion and anxiety

Melisa Byrne has changed my life!

When I met Mel 18 months ago I was a broken, exhausted, depleted, stressed, post-menopausal woman. I had just come off the Anti-depressants that I’d been on for nearly a year and I was determined to look for other natural answers. I had burnout, depression, anxiety, a body riddled in pain with arthritis and no sex drive due to stress and hormonal shifts. I worked with Mel and continue to do so with amazing results. Mel saw my blood tests and spent a lot of time looking at diet, lifestyle and relationships. She saw me as a whole person, not parts of me that needed fixing. I made some changes and took particular high quality supplements for my various issues.

The amazing thing with Mel is to look at my sex drive she didn’t give me hormones to replace the ones that I had lost, she gave me organic supplements to support the system that is suffering. My stress was dealt with the same way with offering certain excellent books and supplements that target the adrenal system. I feel like a new woman and NO antidepressants J I have had the odd moment of anxiety but nothing like it used to be. I have energy, am getting great sleep and can cope with my very stressful job in a calmer way. The pain
in my joints has gone from an 8 to a 3 with the change in diet, lifestyle and supplements. I’ve saved an enormous amount of money getting the supplements off Mel as the type and dosage is prescribed specially for me instead of being overwhelmed at the chemist or health food shop with the barrage of brands. They are all of the highest quality too. She is very knowledgeable and a beautiful person.

Thank you Mel for changing my life for the better!

- Jenny